I have a chapter in the book Libraries and Society. The chapter is titled “From the passive library to the learning library - it’s an emotional journey” you can get the book from Amazon

...I also have a chapter in a book on the student experience - Transformative Learning Support Models in Higher Education, titled “It’s not about us - it’s about them” you can also get yjis from Amazon

...and a chapter in the book, The e-revolution and Post-compulsory Education - Using e-business Models to Deliver Quality Education, on where I think we are with IT in higher and further education.

...and there’s also a chapter called Libraries for the 21st Century in the book, Digital Convergence - Libraries of the Future. You can see the details of the book on Amazon

You can access the JISC infoNet site on planning and designing technology rich spaces here.

The project I did with Hugh Anderson for the JISC on the Design and Management of Open Plan Technology Rich Spaces can be found here.

Here’s a review of one of my talks

There are a couple of YouTube videos that I produced as input to a Libraries of the Future conference. They are Learning in the Digital Age and Designing for an unknown Future.

Shortly after the opening of the Saltire Centre I wrote this article for the European Journal of Education (Vol. 42, No. 2, 2007) titled Building the Future of Learning .

better space - better learning

Links to some of my writing and other resources